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Bastille day

3 votes

Bastilles day, a national day to remember storming off Bastilles and beginning the french revolution. A young American expert thief/pickpocket living in Paris, accidently stole a bag containing a bomb. He dropped the bag in the heart off paris. The bomb went off, and he is being marked for death as a terrorist. A ruthless undercover CIA agent secretly estabilished in Paris for searching answer to crack the case and solve it. But there is a big conspiracy going on in Paris.


Genre: Action.
Age Limit: 12 year and older.
Watchable with parents?: Yes.
Watchable with kids?: Yes.


Angry birds 2016 movie

4 votes

The o so familiar angry birds now comes in a movie format. On the bird island everybody lives happy, except 1 bird. His short temper gets him in trouble. He need to be rehabiltate of his anger. The pigs suddenly stranded with their ship and where happily welcomed. What the birds don't know is that the pigs are doing something evil.
The birds are in panic and don't know what to do, except for 1 bird


X-Men: Apocalypse 2016 (IMAX)

4 votes

After the event off future past day
x-men, the future is changed. The young X-men discovers the first Mutant ‘’Apocalypse’’. He is resurrected and wants change his planet earth to his own rule. Will Charles Xavier be in time and gather enough force to resist against the unstoppable force of Apocalypse.

The film was good in certain point of view, its more family bonds.
It could have more special effects, but after all I enjoyed the movie.
It is worth it to watch the movie.